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Lost Sapphire

I met K. online two years ago. For over a year, we interacted online, but we never met in person. She was around 250 miles away.  It wasn’t completely impractical to meet, but it was somewhat inconvenient.  We kept things platonic, but I let her know that I was attracted to her.

She eventually agreed to meet me, but it never happened. She canceled a few days beforehand.  A week after that, she started dating someone local.  Three months later she was engaged.  She got married two days ago.  The sapphire in her engagement ring vanished today.  She wants sympathy, but I can’t summon any.


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Buying a Diamond Engage Ring

I have been shopping around for a diamond engagement ring. I still haven’t made a final choice yet, but I think that I want an antique engagement ring.  At the moment, the best site I have found is

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Strong Winds

We had tornado and thunderstorm warnings today, but neither has materialized. What we do have are unusually strong, long-lasting winds. Tornadoes are very rare around here, but we had one last year that was only 10 blocks from my home.

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Nose Bleed

I’m not sure why I always get nose bleeds the day after I eat deep fried food. A Chinese doctor once told me it was too much “heat”. I’m not sure what that really means. A Western doctor told me it was just a random coincidence, but this has happened far too many times.

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Stephen Melinger Trio Guitarist

Frank will be out of the country for a wedding in a few weeks. We will need another guitarist to replace him for our show on the 23rd. It won’t be easy to find one as good as him, but we will try. We are going to start auditions on Saturday.

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Oil Spill

I keep thinking about the oil spill. It troubles me that so much stupidity/incompetence has been surrounding it. The box idea was one of the worst. Even a young child could understand enough about hydrodynamics to know that a rectangular box placed on a round pipe would not contain a leak. I’m not sure if it’s just incompetence or something far more sinister.

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Memorial Day

I salute the men and women who died so that I could have an extra day off from work.

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Dream Log 05-31-10

I am in a mansion owned by a famous artist. He asks me to mix up some paint that has a realistic bronze color. Although such pigments exist in the real world, they did not exist in my dream.  My first task was trying to find his art studio. There are two of them in this mansion. I find the first one easily, but I am told that I should go to the second one, because it has more materials that I could use. Most of the dream involves wandering around the house to try to find the second art studio.   I eventually find it and a woman walks in. She asks me what I am doing there and I explain. I suddenly wake up but don’t know why.

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I’m not going anywhere this weekend, but it still feels like a vacation. It’s my first weekend without work since January.

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Stephen Melinger

I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Stephen Melinger. I am a music teacher by day and jazz musician by night.

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