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Dream Log 05-31-10

I am in a mansion owned by a famous artist. He asks me to mix up some paint that has a realistic bronze color. Although such pigments exist in the real world, they did not exist in my dream.  My first task was trying to find his art studio. There are two of them in this mansion. I find the first one easily, but I am told that I should go to the second one, because it has more materials that I could use. Most of the dream involves wandering around the house to try to find the second art studio.   I eventually find it and a woman walks in. She asks me what I am doing there and I explain. I suddenly wake up but don’t know why.


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Dreamlog 05-28-10

I was in a class learning about how to make electricity. The teacher gave us powdered green tea and white tea which we had to mix with sugar and salt. When heat is applied, it somehow creates electricity

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